Accueil » Roquebrune-sur-Argens gravel loop : 42km +620m

Roquebrune-sur-Argens gravel loop : 42km +620m

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Elevation gain




Best seasons

fall, spring & summer



Physical & technical

You will be immersed in nature on these wide yellow tracks typical of the region. Over a distance of about forty kilometers, the route is very smooth, and the elevation gain is barely noticeable. The view gradually opens up, allowing you to fully appreciate the surrounding landscapes.

You won’t get tired for a second on these beautiful tracks!

When you finish the first gravel section at Valdingarde, you’ll have a few kilometers on a forest road before reaching the continuation of the tracks that will take you to Fréjus and the seaside.

After reaching Fréjus, make sure to take the bike paths. You’ll have the choice to either continue on a third and final gravel section (48 km) or return via a bike path on the road (42 km).

You’ll find both routes to download below.

Near the itinerary
Best Addresses




Restaurant La Bonne Étoile*

french/japonese cuisine



Healthy food 


Mamma Mia Resto*

italian cuisine, pastas


Boulangerie du Rocher



DiP restaurant

homemade traditional cuisine



Hike of the 3 Crosses - Rocher de Roquebrune

You will find marked paths with two levels. The easier one is even accessible with dogs!

Massif de l'Estérel

For hikers or mountain bikers, explore the various circuits set up in the heart of the Esterel Massif.

Culinary Specialties / Local Products

  • La bouillabaisse
  • La daube provençale
  • L’anchoïade
  • La soupe de poissons de roche
  • La fougasse
  • La tapenade
  • L’huile d’olive
  • Le chapon (fish)
  • La panisse
  • L'olive de Nyons

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