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Nivaria Beach – Abades, Tenerife

by Kim Gintrand


Playas de Arico nº 1, urb. Nivaria Beach, en, 38588 Abades, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Espagne


Open all year round



90€ and more


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(+34) 639 87 76 46




Located in the village of Abades, Nivaria Beach is a recently opened complex that brings together everything you need. You have access to the beauty of the ocean’s wildlife just a few steps away from Nivaria Beach. This part of the coast is one of the best-preserved in Tenerife. You have access to black sand beaches where you can go diving or enjoy a sunny afternoon.

Even though the village may seem far from everything due to its tranquility, it is actually located halfway between the north and south of the island and just one kilometer from the highway. This provides easy access for you to explore and venture around the island.

The apartments are fully equipped, spacious, and very bright. Each apartment has its own spacious terrace with sun loungers and tables where you can have your breakfast while enjoying the fresh air.

I also strongly recommend waking up for the sunrise. You can enjoy your cup of coffee while witnessing this magnificent spectacle.

The hotel also offers free pilates and yoga sessions in the morning (exact schedule will be provided during check-in). These typically take place near the pool in the morning, which is the ideal way to start your day.

An interesting and unique anecdote about Abades is that you can find an abandoned village, also known as a “ghost town“, if you venture further into the village.

These ruins were built in the 1940s to house lepers from Tenerife. However, a cure was found before they could be completed. It was then used as a training site by the military and has been abandoned ever since.

Best Addresses




Sabroso Bistro

homemade pastas


Samelo Veg

vegan & no gluten


D'Tapas por Abades*



Abades, Tenerife

Nivaria Beach*


Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Royal Corales*


Los Cancajos, La Palma

Hacienda de San Jorge*


Tazacorte, La Palma

Hacienda de Abajo*


Santa Cruz de La Palma

Banana Garden*


Barlovento, La Palma

Faro Punta Cumplida*





Explore the richness of the underwater fauna and flora of Tenerife


Playa de Abades

Black sand beach


Astronomical Observation at Teide

Discover the night sky from one of the most renowned viewpoints.

Culinary Specialties / Local Products

  • Sancocho - canarian typical fish dish 
  • Le fromage Palmero - goat cheese 
  • Le Gofio
  • Bienmesabe - dessert
  • Príncipe alberto - dessert

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