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Product of the Month : UMA GT WIND JACKET

by Kim Gintrand
cycling kit UMA GT WIND BREAKER Assos of Switzerland test

You’ve probably saw me wear this jacket so many times during my rides these last few weeks, and I can’t tell you how much this is a must have in your cycling wardrobe, for those 3 reasons : 

  1. Wind-Breaker : it is first and foremost a windbreaker, great to have on most of your rides if you’re unsure about the weather.
  2. Light & Thin : it is so easy to fold it and put in your jersey’s back pocket. It doesn’t take much space and you’ll be happy to always have it with you.
  3. Bright Color : having a bright color on during winter is a must. It is hunting season in many countries, it’ll help you stay visible! And the days are shorter and in case you need to ride on the road at sunset or after, it’ll make you visible for the cars. This jacket exists in black, but I’d highly recommend in yellow 🙂

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