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How to stay motivated during winter

by Kim Gintrand
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Winter is the season when motivation slowly starts to fade, excuses are easy to find, and you have to review your training schedule. Here are some tips that will help you get through this time of year.

#1 plan a route you really like

Ride a route that you’ve been wanting to explore and that motivates you. Consider planning a stop at your favorite coffee shop, a friend’s place, or a spot you’ve always wanted to visit! If you decide to do this, be sure to pack a change of clothes to avoid freezing after the stop.

#2 split your ride

If you prefer not to ride on a home trainer and want to ride outside, consider splitting your session into two parts, such as riding half in the morning and the remaining half in the afternoon. Also, consider shortening your rides. For instance, if you plan a 4-hour ride in 5-degree Celsius weather, there’s a chance you might not complete the entire ride, which could take your motivation away for future rides

#3 Find your riding buddy

Find a training buddy. Staying active with someone else helps keep you accountable. Plan to ride, run, hike, or even play tennis with your friend! It can make motivating yourself so much easier 🙂

#4 Try a new way of exercising

Consider trying out a new activity that complements cycling and can be beneficial for you. Pilates is an excellent example! Work on your core, mobility and strength. There are plenty of indoor sports that you could try such as : climbing, swimming, playing tennis, squash, badminton,…

#5 Never force it if you don't feel like it

If you’re really unmotivated, you don’t feel good, don’t push it. Sometimes you might even start your ride and just not feeling it, I highly recommend to just turn back and go home. I did this a lot when I started ridding as it was important for me to keep cycling as something that I want to do and is fun,  without being something I  do out of spite.

If you have some advices you’ve learned through the years to stay motivated during winter don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! 🙂

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