Accueil » From the Templars to Sazeirat & From La Brousse to Puys de Gaud : 24km +380m & 36km +550m

From the Templars to Sazeirat & From La Brousse to Puys de Gaud : 24km +380m & 36km +550m

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24km 36km

Elevation gain

380m 550m



Best seasons

spring & summer



Physical & technical

From Bénévent-l’Abbaye, set off on a route rich in natural treasures. Two options are available to you: a 24 km route and another of 36 km. These two routes intersect at certain points, allowing you to combine them if you wish.

From the parking de la République, you will reach a wide gravel track that crosses fields before entering a beautiful forest, leading you to the Étang de la Brousse. These first kilometers offer a great diversity of landscapes, with many transitions like this one, between the open spaces of the fields and the intimate, green atmosphere of the forest.

You will then continue your journey towards Sazeirat, where you will have the opportunity to discover the famous Gros Chêne (Big Oak). With over 450 years of age, this majestic tree is one of the remarkable trees of Limousin. It is impossible to miss when you pass by, as its magnificence will captivate you instantly. Take the time to stop and admire this natural wonder, which testifies to the beauty and longevity of the trees in the region.

By alternating between trails and country roads, you will pass through numerous small hamlets and villages, including the charming village of Paulhac. A special mention goes to Paulhac, where you will discover a Templar Commandery, a true historical treasure!

Back in Bénévent-l’Abbaye, take the time to make a stop at Broc’Aux Locaux, a store that showcases products from local producers and artisans. You won’t be able to resist their delicious bread, as well as the goat cheese they offer. It’s a real treat for the taste buds! Note: If bakeries and restaurants are closed, you have the option to create your own sandwich using the products available at Broc’Aux Locaux!

You can even sit down to have a picnic in the village and enjoy a breathtaking view of the You can even sit down to have a picnic in the village and enjoy a breathtaking view of the St Barthélémy Abbey.

This route is suitable for all levels, offering you the opportunity to discover the beautiful paths and trails of Creuse. There are few technical difficulties, and you will enjoy the playful and beautiful undergrowth that awaits you.
Bénévent-l'Abbaye 24km & 36km
Maps & GPX/KML


Parking Bénévent-l'Abbaye

free parking 

Tourism Office

2 Rue de la Fontaine 23210, Bénévent l'Abbaye

Near the route
Best Addresses




Table de Chamborand

Thaï cuisine


Logis Hôtel Nougiers

Refined cuisine / local products Logis distinguished table and Michelin Bib Gourmand

Les Chemins d'Elric

Homemade cuisine

Le Grand-Bourg

La Grange




Logis Hôtel Nougiers

3 stars hotel

L'Oeil (2km de Fursac)

Gîte de l'Oeil


Le Grand-Bourg

Gîte du Hérisson



La Grange de Chatelus





Discover the heritage of Creuse during a 1.5-hour guided tour


Abbatiale St Barthélémy

Visit the Abbatiale St Barthélémy of Bénévent-l'Abbaye

Templar Commandery

Visit the Templar Commandery of Paulhac

GR4, GR654 & Voie de Rocamadour

Hike through the GR4, the GR654 or the Voie de Rocamadour

Culinary specialties

  • Creusois Cake

  • Potato Pie

  • Creusois Fondue

  • Limousin Beef with Porcini Mushrooms

  • Meatball Pâté

  • Cherry Clafoutis

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